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Pickled Mustard Greens with Beef and Baked Tofu

Pickled Mustard Greens www.choppingsticks.com

Do you like pickles… make that do you LOVE pickles?  If so, you’ll love pickled mustard greens.  You can find them in your local Asian Supermarket.  When I find them, I buy a couple of packs because my family can’t get enough of them.  I cook them with ground beef and savory baked tofu.  I used to cook them with just some ground meat because it’s a super cheap meal and there are days when I need dinner to be super cheap.  I’ve also cooked them with ground turkey – so if you want the dish to have less fat, then turkey is the way to go!  It’s pretty good just chopped up and eaten in a good noodle bowl or with braised pork belly.  Nick loves pickled mustard greens with tofu so I decided to share this recipe. Continue reading

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