Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float

Root Beer

I married a man who does not have a taste for alcohol.  And I mean any alcohol – especially beer.  He went o Publix and found Not Your Father’s Root Beer.  It’s beer made with root beer spices!  Sure enough, it tastes like bitter root beer!  WHAT?!  He always comes home with a few things that aren’t on my grocery list but I was not prepared for this!  This explains my excessive use of !!!!!  He always sits and drinks Pepsi while his friends drink beer, beer, and more beer.  He feels left out.  I think it’ll be so funny for him to pull up with alcoholic root beer.

While he sat in his recliner, kicked back with his half man half kid drink, I automatically thought – I wonder what that would taste like as a root beer float.  An adult root beer float! HAHAHA!  Why not!  So we tried it.

NYF Root Beer Continue reading

Greens Eggs and Bacon

Greens Eggs and Bacon

BRUNCH!  Otherwise known as late breakfast for those who are super lazy and won’t get up in time to go to church.  Lord forgive us!  Nick got up, dressed and went to church without us… we are still in our pjs stuffing our faces.  Actually the kids ate this nutritious breakfast and followed it up with dessert – Key Lime Pie.  I’m not lying.  They said it’s their dairy and I’m not correcting them because I’m about to go fill up on some vitamin D.  I’m floored that they left a piece for me – I bet it’s the size of a Trivial Pursuit pie piece.  Continue reading

Pickled Mustard Greens with Beef and Baked Tofu

Pickled Mustard Greens

Do you like pickles… make that do you LOVE pickles?  If so, you’ll love pickled mustard greens.  You can find them in your local Asian Supermarket.  When I find them, I buy a couple of packs because my family can’t get enough of them.  I cook them with ground beef and savory baked tofu.  I used to cook them with just some ground meat because it’s a super cheap meal and there are days when I need dinner to be super cheap.  I’ve also cooked them with ground turkey – so if you want the dish to have less fat, then turkey is the way to go!  It’s pretty good just chopped up and eaten in a good noodle bowl or with braised pork belly.  Nick loves pickled mustard greens with tofu so I decided to share this recipe. Continue reading

Rice Soup with Black Bean Chili Pork and Mixed Mushrooms

Pork with Black Bean Chili

Let me give you some background into this dish.  I am half Chinese and this is my kind of comfort food.  My mom is an amazing cook and can whip up some delicious homemade Chinese food.  I’m not talking General Tzo’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken or fried rice… I’m talking about fresh veggies, Kimchee, and some perfectly seasoned chicken, pork, beef or fish.  I realize now that we were super spoiled with her home-cooked meals.  I can’t even begin to replicate what she cooked!  I try to though…. I can cook the easier meals – but not the more difficult Szechuan Chinese food. Continue reading

Tortellini and Fresh Mozzarella

Tortellini Salad

I love making pasta salad!  Super easy and so good.  I’m a pasta LOVER!  All those delicious carbs.  It’s my love language.  I do love tortellini.  I especially love it in a creamy delicious cheesy sauce with bread so that I don’t waste one delicious bite.  I’ll definitely share that recipe very soon!  But until then, let’s talk pasta salad. Continue reading