A New Hope

2016 is going to be more of everything…more meals, dining experiences, and more posts.  I realized today that I have not updated this blog in two months.  Seriously what a loser.  HA!  Let me reassure my family again – I will continue to cook and I will start posting recipes and more photographs of my food.  I’m sure my Instagram followers are tired of seeing my food.  And since I hate posting without a picture… here is my obligatory food photo for this post…. even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the content….

Braised pork belly in steamed buns

To be perfectly transparent, I believe I freaked myself out by even starting this blog.  I put so much pressure on myself to have pleasing and perfect pictures that I forgot to have fun and enjoy the entire process.  The light in my house is far from perfect and I have to make do with flash and strobe lights – which I thought was sub par.  But my husband reminded me to just do what I love.  Just cook…. find great recipes and take pictures as I can.  With my phone or my camera!  So here’s to 2016!!!  Going back to what I love and trying not to put unnecessary pressure on myself!

Now I can breathe and go cook, bake, and blog!

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