El Poblano

I have a kid who loves Mexican food.  Namely tacos.  That’s all she wants to eat.  I’ll do the good mom thing and make them for her when she wants them…. lots of taco bell boxes at Publix when they’re buy one get one free.  Just being honest.  I picked her up from school and she begged to go out to eat tacos at an actual restaurant.  Not Moe’s – Not Chipotle – but a Mexican sit down restaurant.  I told her to ask her daddy… which is a 110% yes.  I’m not sure why I didn’t just break down and say yes but I was trying to pass the buck.

And since I didn’t have tacos on my grocery list, I thought what the heck.  I mean she DID get a 100% on a quiz!

We decided to go back to El Poblano in Vestavia Hills off of Rocky Ridge Road.  They have more on their menu that we don’t really recognize so we like that!  A lot!


The chips were thin and super crispy.  Let’s talk about the salsa – medium spicy and delicious!  The cheese dip?  Well it was melty cheese.  Nothing to talk about there.

Carne Azada

I ordered the Carne Azada – Grilled flank steak with strips of poblano chile and potatoes.  Sides were black beans with cheese and a mixed yellow rice (loved it!).   This is going to be something I’ll make our next taco night.  So good!

Carne Azada

LOOK AT THIS!  Yum.  It’s a lot of food though.  Share!

Seafood Taco

Nick opted for the deep fried seafood tacos.  It’s  a taco flauta!  This taco was stuffed with small scallops, shrimp, and fish in it.  The salsa that it’s served with is super spicy.  I couldn’t do it…. I ran out of heartburn meds.  Boo.  He won’t eat avocado so he passed that onto me – SCORE!  It was really good too but beware… oil will drip out of the back as you bite it.

We’ll be back to visit El Poblano.  There were some specials that I didn’t see that I want to try – they had Mahi Mahi tacos and chorizo tacos.  I think I’ll order a special next time!

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